Visit Advice

Are you lost in today's health care system? Or, are you worried about someone who needs extra support? I am uniquely qualified to help you with my medical knowledge and years of advocacy experience (see my biography). I am located in Portland, Oregon, but can help by phone, mail, and fax if you live elsewhere.

As your advocate, I will help make sure nothing is overlooked or forgotten. I will help you with medical appointments, tests, referrals, second opinions, health insurance forms, finding the answers to your medical questions, and much more. I will work hard to bring you peace of mind and a sense of security.

Here is a sampling of services that I offer:

  • assistance with your doctor and clinic visits
  • organization of your medical records
  • finding the answers to your medical questions
  • availablility by phone for questions and support
  • translation of medical language and concepts
  • communication with your healthcare provider
  • internet based research
  • assistance with health insurance companies
  • discussion with family members (only if you wish)
  • visits and advocacy during hospitalization

    See Services for a more detailed description